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Cervical disc prosthesis

Secure bone/implant composite

Four different implant sizes allow for individual, anatomical adaptation. The vertebral body endplates are covered to the maximum degree, helping to prevent unwanted fusion of the segment.
With its rectangular geometric design, the ROTAIO implant is firmly positioned on the strong, lateral edge of the vertebral body, guaranteeing sturdy positioning of the implant and counteracting subsidence.

Product advantages

  • Physiological mobility
  • Posteriorly-accentuated implant design
    • Perfectly adapted to the natural anatomy
  • Variable center of rotation
    • Corresponding to the center of rotation of a healthy disc
  • Pure translation, uncoupled from rotation
    • Allowing for facet-guided movement, with no gaping joints
  • Posterior center of rotation
    • Positioning of the implant in front of the posterior edge