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Bioactive, biphasic bone graft substitute material

Ideal porosity - effective resorption

Results from numerous applications have revealed that biphasic ceramic materials can precipitate optimal bone regeneration. Containing beta-tricalcium phosphate (B-TCP) and hydroxyapatite (HA) at a ratio of 40:60, KAINOS is an effective matrix for osteogenetic cells due to its superior blend of microporous and macroporous particles (300 - 600 ym and <10 ym, respectively). The HA component means the osteoconductive matrix remains available to the cells sufficiently long for them to dock onto its 'supportive structure'.
In parallel, the highly soluble TCP component provides an extremely favorable, physiological milieu by rapidly releasing calcium phosphate ions. The cells absorb the material, generating an equal volume of mineralized bone in its place. The newly formed bone is ultimately remodeled, as is the case with natural bone tissue. Remodeling generally takes 6 - 12 months to complete.


  • Fusions
  • Scoliosis surgery
  • Osteotomies
  • Trauma
  • Vertebrectomy

Product-specific advantages

  • Stimulates osteogenetic cells
    • Bioactive KAINOS+ induces optimal bone development.
  • Rapid bone regeneration and healing
    • The resorption/remodeling process can be completed in just six months.
  • Solid bony fusion
    • Compact and secure anchorage in the osseous bed
  • Excellent microporous/macroporous structure
    • Porosity is preserved even after comminution of the material.
  • For use in its pure state or combined with autologous material or BMP
    • Expanding the surgeons options
  • Completely synthetic and biocompatible
    • No inflammatory or immunological reactions.
  • Time- and cost-efficient - ready for use
    • Avoiding issues of morbidity and shortening the operating time.