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Augmentable pedicle screws

Self-tapping screw - simple injection of cement

MONOPOLY II meets all the demands of a screw system.
The first three sharp threads of the pedicle screws usually render additional thread-cutting superfluous. The six fenestrations in the lower third of the cannulated screws enable good distribution of the cement in the vertebral body and reduce the risk of cement leaking into the pedicle.
MONOPOLY II can be used without augmentation if the bone quality is good, or with cement if the quality of the bone is less satisfactory.


The MONOPOLY II pedicle screws are designed to deliver improved anchorage in bone that is of lower density (osteoporosis).
The indications therefore comprise osteoporosis, metastatic bone neoplasms (secondary or primary), revision surgery, and rheumatic diseases accompanied by poor bone density/quality.

Product-specific advantages

  • One screw - whether for good or poor bone quality - covers a broad range of indications and eases stockkeeping
  • Fenestrated and polyaxial designs in the sizes .5.5., 6..5., 7..5. mm
  • Simple and fast injection and even distribution of cement

SIGNUS modular solution

The fenestrated MONOPOLY II screws can be used in combination with the minimally invasive NEVIO access system - but without cement.